Creature Creation

This week we were creating our own creature, here is my creature. My creature is a eel and he is a really BIG one. If you want to know about my creature, then read the “CREATURE DESCRIPTION”.

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  1. Hi Leata,

    It’s Emma here again, a blog commenter from the Summer Learning Journey.

    Wow, you have put a lot of thought into not only what your monster is like, but why he is like that! I see Forest’s anger as metaphor for the real-life problems that are happening to our planet because of the damage humans are causing to the environment. A metaphor is a figure of speech that describes an object or action in a way that isn’t literally true, but it helps to explain an idea or make a comparison.

    This could be the start of a great picture book to teach us the importance of looking after our environment. I certainly don’t want any eels to be turning into this green monster anytime soon. I find eels scary enough as it is, I would be terribly frightened to meet Forest in the park one day!

    Your monster creation has even reminded me of this picture book called ‘We are Water Protectors’.
    It is all about a young girl who is trying to save her community from a poisonous black snake. But really, the snake is a metaphor for the giant oil pipeline that is being built in her town and it is actually poisoning their clean drinking water. If you have a chance I recommend you give it a listen or maybe see if you can find it in your library.

    The details you have added including the bright green eyes and scales really bring your monster to life! You have done an excellent job at conveying his angry emotions through the picture. Do you think that you could write a story about this monster? I know you would do an awesome job and I would love to read it.

    Is looking after our environment something that you are interested in? What sort of things do you think we can do to stop damaging our environment and polluting our water. Maybe we can organise park and pond clean ups, or design sustainable alternatives to things like plastic packaging. Do you have any ideas?

    Thanks for sharing an outstanding post Leata, I am very impressed with your work.

    Emma – SLJ

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